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Evolving. Morphing. Glitching. Impacts

Flux is a professional collection of hybrid motion impacts. With its cutting-edge sound design, Flux is the perfect tool for creating expertly crafted soundscapes for enhancing the emotional impact of your music.

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Processing chains

For each sample, we meticulously ran it through not just one, but four entirely unique processing chains, each designed to create different audio effects and enhancements. These chains were carefully crafted to bring out various tonal qualities and nuances, allowing you to explore an extensive array of sounds and textures.
We applied a series of audio processing techniques to the "unprocessed" folder of impacts. This custom chain included multi-band compression, gentle saturation, soft clipping, and limiting.
Just like the "unprocessed" chain, we delved into various flavors of analogue compression and saturation for the impacts. However, this time, we went a step further and combined them with a tailored filter to infuse the overall sound with a captivating and enigmatic dark mood.
Each impact was processed through one algorithmic reverb, enhancing its spatial and ambient characteristics. Additionally, we utilized a convolution reverb with a range of customizable settings tailored to the specific attributes of each impact.
In this chain is heavy compression, saturation, and hard clipping to achieve a distinct and powerful audio outcome. Prior to applying these treatments, we thoughtfully filtered the impacts, ensuring that the rich sub frequencies remained pristine and intact.

Elements used

Flux boasts an exceptional assortment of sounds, meticulously crafted by a team of top-tier sound designers in the industry. The skilled artisans at Cinematic Tools have channeled their extensive expertise and cutting-edge sound design techniques to curate a collection that exudes both immense power and remarkable versatility.






Synthetic Textures

Metal Pipes

Power Tools

  • 30 unique samples
  • 120 total samples
  • 4 unique processing chains; Normal, Ambient, Distorted, Dark
  • 2 categories; Organic and Synthetic
  • Mac: MacOS 10.11 (or newer), 2GB of RAM
  • Windows: Windows 10 (or newer), 2GB RAM

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16 motion impacts - the perfect blend of synthetic and organic sounds, creating a sonic experience that's truly out of this world.

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