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Introducing Zenith! Our debut library that boasts a vast array of contemporary, impactful, and meticulously crafted sounds. These mix-ready sounds will infuse your productions with unparalleled power, punch, and monumental impact.

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Sounds Of Zenith
Trapping The Multiverse - Stefano Torchio
Contrivance (dressed) - Shawn Barnes
Zenith - Stefano Torchio
Reprisal - Matthew Revenger
Get Some! (dressed) - Jon Mohr

"The sounds from Zenith are SICK! You can tell that every sound was created with care, and there are so many useful tools to make amazing cinematic electronic hybrid tracks!"

Tommee Profitt

NF, Apex Legends, Assassin's Creed, UFC

Key Features

Hover over an action node for more info about the engine


Sculpt the envelope of

your sound


Great for creating depth

and distance in your productions


Reverse any sound in the library to

quickly create a suckback or a riser


Use this function to move the

starting point of the sample


Engage this to remove the whoosh

part of any sound so you're left

with a playable impact

Great for layering up to create a

MASSIVE  drum sound.


For quick and easy navigation

(not present in this patch)


This is a subtle yet powerful knob that

adds extra polish, bite and

energy to your sound.


These allow you to easily

lower or raise the pitch

of any sound


Select between Monophonic,

Polyphonic or Glide mode


A delay module for that instant

stereo or ping-pong effect


A built-in Convolution

Reverb with 28 IR's to

help teleport your sound

into any space

Stutter Engine

The Stutter engine comprises three essential components: Stutter, Filter, and Pan, which collectively infuse any sound with dynamic movement and motion. This feature is perfect for effortlessly crafting synchronized stuttered FX that align seamlessly with your DAW.

FX Engine

Within the FX Engine, you'll find a seamless integration of 6 daisy-chained FX racks and a remarkable selection of 17 built-in FX processors. Unleash your creativity as you mangle, distort, and manipulate your sounds with an impressive array of Saturators, Reverbs, Stomp Pedals, Compressors, and numerous other tools at your disposal. The possibilities for experimentation are endless.

What others are saying

“Zenith’s strong suit is that it really ‘cuts’ through a mix. I reach for it when I need something that’s quite bold and biting to add into a track. Top notch sounds!”  

Max Cameron

Avengers End Game, Black Widow, Spiderman Far From Home

“Zenith has quickly become one of my go-to libraries, especially the distorted basses and hybrid pads. Super clean and very well mixed!”

Nick Road

Wonder Woman, Deadpool 2, Avengers: Infinity War, Battlefield 2042

“Zenith fit straight into my template for composing music for trailers. The sounds in the library are great quality and exactly what you’d expect to hear in modern trailers.”

Ciaran Birch

Blade Runner 2049, War For The Planet Of The Apes, Avengers: End Game

“Zenith has exactly what a trailer composer needs. Very clean patches to build and develop your own sound!”

Stefano Torchio

Disney+, XBox, Grounded

“Very solid, well-crafted, unique, mean and punchy! Hands down one of my favorite instruments out there. If you’re looking for high end sounds that would work in any trailer or over-the-top production then Zenith is that and more.”

Leonardo Escarcega

Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome, Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves, Fear of Rain

“Zenith has very quickly found a home in my toolbox for trailer music and overall hard-hitting music. It’s one of the most aggressive libraries I have on hand!”

Jon Mohr

TurBot & Kaiju Kitty

  • 7 Instrument Categories
  • 22 Instruments
  • 500+ WAV Files
  • 3 Engines; Main, FX, Stutter
  • A Big Knob for instant polish, grit and energy
  • FX Engine with 6 Daisy-Chained FX Modules and 19 total FX Processors
  • A Stutter Engine to add instant movement and motion to your sound
  • Designed and mixed by industry professionals to layer beautifully with your other libraries.  
  • Whoosh Hits (20)
  • Booms (30)
  • Impacts (20)
  • Whooshes (23)
  • Braaams (20)
  • Risers (20)
  • Hybrid Tracers (20)
  • Brass Benders (11)
  • Downers (39)
  • 808s (14)
  • Kicks (20)
  • Snares (18)
  • Electronic Hats (13)
  • Junk (11)
  • Epic Trailer Kit (4 velocity layers + RR)
  • Hybrid Pads (20)
  • Disto Basses (20)
  • Drones (22)
  • Trailer Transitions (4 different tempos) (15)
  • TikToks (73)
  • Acoustic Cymbals (5)
    • Sabian AAX 17″ Crash 
    • Zildjian Z3 17″ Crash  
    • Paiste Dark Energy 21″ Ride  
    • Sabian AAX 18″ China  
    • Sabian AA 14″ Hat
  • Full version of Kontakt 6.6.1 or newer
  • Zenith does NOT work with the free version of Kontakt but 500+ WAV files are included if the full version of Kontakt isn’t available to you
  • 5.5GB of uncompressed content included

    Minimum Machine Requirements:

    • Mac: Intel i5, macOS 10.13.6 (or newer), 4GB of RAM
    • Windows: Windows 10 or 11 (latest Service Pack), Intel Core i5 or equivalent CPU, 4 GB RAM

User Manual: Click here

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