Installation & Activation

1. Go to Pulse and download the Pulse Downloader app

2. Install Pulse onto your system

3. Open the app and create an account by clicking Register or login if you already have an account

4. Select [Add A Product] from the upper right hand corner

5. Enter the product’s License Key 
(if you need help finding your license keys then click here)

6. The product will be then added to your library

7. Choose your desired location to install your product and click [Install]

Your Account

1. Login your account on our website

2. Navigate to your account page by clicking on your name in the header

3. Select the My Products tab

4. Select the [View] button for your desired product

By Email

1. Search for an email with the subject line Thanks for your order (your first name)!

Your license key for your product will be in there.

Each product comes with 3 downloads. If you’ve used up all your downloads then you can scroll to the bottom of this page and fill out a support ticket. 

Please provide us with your order # if possible. This can be found in the email with the subject line Thank you for your order (your name)! under the Order Details section.


Yes. Our libraries require the full version of Kontakt. Please refer to the System Requirements section near the bottom of every product page to see if that product is compatible with your current version of Kontakt.

No, unfortunately all our instruments that are powered by Kontakt require the full version.

1. Add the desired product to your cart

2. Open the cart and paste the code into the box that says coupon code

3. Select the button [Apply Coupon]

Nope! All of our libraries come as both an Instrument and as 24bit 48K WAV files.

Yes absolutely! Head to our Freebies page and grab some goodies.

Yes! Our samples are all royalty free and you can use them however you’d like. However, you cannot redistribute or resell our samples in any way, even if for free.

Sorry! Unfortunately we aren’t able to offer a discount once our sale has ended. It wouldn’t be fair to everyone else.

Unfortunately at this time we do not offer any student or academic discounts.

We are ALWAYS looking for talented sound designers. Please click here and fill out the form if you’re interested in joining a passionate team of noise makers.

Due to the nature of Cinematic Tools Inc. (non-tangible digital goods) products, it is not possible to “return a product”. We therefore DO NOT off refunds or exchange after purchase.

Account Info

1. Click here to get to the page to change your password

2. Enter your email into the form and select the [Reset password] button.

(this may take up to 5 minutes and can sometimes end up in your Spam folder)

3. Navigate to your email and select the [Reset your password] button.

4. Enter in your new password and select the [Change Password] button.

1. Go to our website and select ‘Login’ from the header or from the navigation menu.
(if you forgot your password then please refer to the solution above or click here)

2. Once logged in then navigate to your Account page by clicking on your name in the header or from the navigation menu if you’re on mobile.

3. Select the ‘Change Password’ tab.

4. Enter your old password followed by your new password and select the ‘Update Password’ button.

Can’t quite find the answer you’re looking for?

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